DSC Gallery

Vojtech Mica

07/02/2018 - 24/02/2018

I use ordinary materials, not special in any way, clearly categorized from our everyday point of view. I touch them, form them, insert them into clear and common relations, proportions, stories which turn grey as soon as I leave them. Indolent communicators, objects waiting to be touched, waiting for a more xed stare to penetrate through the rational structure of a speci c place, demarcated and observed with the currents of experience, into unknown structures and rasters unobserved by the knowledgeable roundness of the three dimensions. We are still in this our piece of real, we never take that step beyond the frontiers of our existence. Is there not concealed behind all this diurnal mull of our live’s, the tedium, behind that which we do not yet know, behind that which that which is not known to us, behind that which we will never know, a lucid, simple, pure order?

– Vojtech Mica

The sculptor Vojtech Mica (born in 1966 in Prague) studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts  (1985-1992 in the studio of H. Demartini and  Prof. A Veselý). His statues are luminous; massive – huge concrete or iron frames for paintings that create the impression of an industrial culture forgotten, for example, in tumultuous urban greenery.