DSC Gallery

Kristína Bukovčáková

12/04/2017 - 28/04/2017

Kristína Bukovčáková is laureate of the prestigious Slovak competition for young artists “Painting of the year 2016”. In her works she deals mainly with the relationship of man and the landscape. In her expressive paintings, she tries to show the unrecognized story of a landscape that is present everywhere, but at the same time vulnerable and fragile.

She studied at the Academy of Arts in Bánska Bystrica. She completed her internship at the Krakow Academy and  is currently studying master’s degree at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, in the studio of Jiří David.

“I create an alternative of reality that is created by the act of painting itself. In part, the primitive pull of the brush that I use is a matter of inappropriateness, I suggest the process of the emerging and extinct landscape and the person in it who bears the aura of something poetical, but also everyday” Bukovčáková comments on her work.