DSC Gallery

4Elements: Honza Homola Art332, Milan Cais, Norbi Kovács, Vladimír518

04/04/2018 - 27/04/2018

DSC Gallery presents the musical – art project 4Elements

There are four unbreakable elements. Fire, water, earth, air.
DSC Gallery presents them as four unique artistic and musical elements.
Honza Homola (Wohnout), Milan Cais (Tata Bojs), Norbi Kovács (Ivan Hlas Trio), Vladimir518 (PSH) are artists who the public know as excellent musicians, and their artwork is also very popular and is certainly not behind their music, so there is something to look forward to.

The project was created in cooperation with DSC Gallery partner Petr Šec and art curator PhDr. Renáta Mužíková, PhD., Who decided to connect these personalities of the Czech music scene in the original art project 4Elements, which starts – not by accident – 4th of April.
Throughout April, Homola’s digital acrylic paintings, Cais’s abstract watercolors, Kovács’s black-and-white photographs, and comic drawings by Vladimír518 will be on view at DSC Gallery.

Every week will open an artist with the participation of the curator of the project and representative of the gallery along with a music performance by the artist.
The event starts on April 4th at 18:30 in the lower part of DSC Gallery.

4Elements in DSC Gallery:

4/4 – Honza Homola Art332, vocalist and guitarist of Wohnout – colorful, large-format digital images created with unique acrylic technology.

11/4 – Milan Cais, singer and drummer of Tata Bojs – abstract watercolors.

18/4 – Norbi Kovács, singer and guitarist of Ivan Hlas Trio – black and white photos.

27/4 – Vladimír518, rapper performing with PSH and leading member of the label BigBoss – collage.