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Lubomír Typlt – 370° of circle

The Solitudes of Lubomír Typlt

The experience of enjoying contemporary painting seems to be rarer from year to year. As if this quality, which earlier used to be a matter of course, has slowly faded away, and there are only a few artists left who can express it, who are able to move within it and open themselves to it, even though in addition to painting they also create simple, one-of-a-kind objects, in which they can find inspiration sometimes so vital that they let it affect them, and subsequently they transfer it to their easel painting. For a long time, Lubomír Typlt has juxtaposed objects made from real things, many of which carry their own past stemming from their purpose, with paintings that from a distance remain a mindful deception. The motifs chosen by him pass back and forth into each other, although they refer to opposing sources of the artist’s imagination. The thing is that some objects, before they have entered the painting, had become part of metaphorical compositions which deprived them of their objectivity and, on the other hand, there are objects that at first had appeared in the paintings, but stepped out of them, giving rise to new installations. Each of these interacting areas inhabits its own fields within Typlt’s mind, and they reach the equilibrium of a double-sided swing only at an extraordinary moment, in which the objects and paintings intersect in a flash, illuminating their limits. The sensation provided by Typlt’s objects, around which we can walk and spend time, thus represents a different kind of experience than that offered by his paintings, but it is equally exceptional.

ISBN 978-80-270-2366-0