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Jiří Černický – Dolby Painting

Dolby Painting is a type of painting where the artist strives to achieve the perfect ideal artwork, full of harmony and purity. The artist becomes a kind of visionary looking to the future, creating something that would be able to influence society in a positive way. Jiří Černický is one of the key artists of the 90‘s generation of the 20th century along with being one of the most important Czech contemporary artists. Since the 80’s his work alternates painting, drawing, objects, artifacts, action art and also overlapping into photography and literature.

The book Dolby Painting summarizes a large part of Jiří Černický’s work and has been created over several years in close cooperation with the artist and graphic designer Marek Pistora from Studio Najbrt. It is the graphic design that is a significant component of the publication. The complicated system of links and combinations of coloring and texts create this complete compact design. The V8 binding cut into a block is covered with raw canvas, which gives the artist the chance to make each piece an original. The title is not on the spine but rather from the usual, printed on the front of the publication.

The book was selected as the 2nd most beautiful publication of 2016 in the catalogue category of the Memorial of National Literature. The publication was awarded mainly for its nontraditional assemblage.

ISBN 978-80-270-2265-6