DSC Gallery

Viktor Frešo | NOW

02/02/2017 - 07/03/2017

An artistic experience full of gestures, (self)-irony and game – that was the exhibition of Viktor Frešo NOW. The Slovak artist and author of the legendary Pičus introduced a concept that he called himself mongoloid pop-art. As always with this author, even this time were visitors sharply confronted with his strong gestures, provocation, irony but also ease of the humor, which Frešo uses to criticize the art scene.

The main motive and inspiration for the whole exhibition was, as Frešo himself says, his big head. That he made through an expressive painting on glass, glass ball with neon, exposed Gebuľky and stylized Boženka with ornaments. The second series of exhibited works were non functional objects made by layering of technology elements, music components, high-tech fragments and cables, all stucked on the “kebab” needle. All of the works were also underlined with the lighting from neon tubes, bulbs and LEDs.

Viktor Frešo again surprised with originality and specific humor and so confirmed his successful position even on the international art scene.