DSC Gallery

Vendula Chalánková | Láska versus Mamon

14/04/2015 - 12/05/2015

The very first solo exhibition of a woman in the DSC Gallery, presented a young artist Vendula Chalánková and a cross-section of her work but also brand new pieces. Author’s works are known for a specific and even black humor full of hints that appreciate viewers of all generations.

At the exhibition Láska versus Mamon were exposed her known embroidered SMS messages, whose big collection owns the National Gallery in Prague, and a series of comics from a daily life that capture to all known “awkward” moments. Another collections were paintings of domestic appliances and air conditioning which exactly copy their real version and moreover were sold for the same price as originals. New series were paintings of “slaughtered delicacies”, redesigned plush animals from a Vietnamese market and paper-made effects from the Photoshop.

Through her exhibition, Vendula Chalánková confirmed her artistic diversity, originality and brilliant wittiness. The exhibition was even launched with her own musical performance.