DSC Gallery

Václav Cígler a Michal Motyčka | Dialogue

16/03/2017 - 27/04/2017

The exposition Dialogue was a result of the cooperation between the artist and glass visionary Václav Cigler and architect Michal Motyčka. The exhibition worked with visual and lighting means, perspective, lighting intensity, gradation and mirroring light.

In the entrance area, there was placed an object in the shape of inserted pyramide that visitors could enter from below and perceive the pervading of both spaces. In another part there was a levitating big Reflective surface which at the first sight denied all physical possibilities. Similar it was with the Vertical object, placed in the open space between floors which thanks to its material created a very fragile and immaterial impression.

In the central room through the gallery, rotating glass panels named Inside and Outside levitated and reflected both the image of viewers and the environment and thus created a penetrable barrier into the another space. That was intersected with diagonal lights in the shape of cross. All exhibition concluded with a portal, Gate, that the viewer could virtually enter the space filled with light.

The aim of both authors was a dialogue between the artwork and visitor for that the exhibition was supposed to be challenging and inspiring. Visitors had the opportunity to experience artefacts and their space perceptions firsthand.