DSC Gallery

SKIN: Josef Bolf, Martin Gerboc, Alexander Tinei

26/04/2018 - 31/05/2018

The exhibition Skin will present paintings by three outstanding contemporary artists, Josef Bolf (1971), Martin Gerboc (1971) and Alexander Tinei (1967).  It is not the first time their work appears together in a collective exhibition, they have previously presented their work on extensive group exhibitions. They represent a generation of artists, who are furthermore connected through the Central European region, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest. Above all, however, they are connected by art, their works and related themes. Their visions are set in a shadowy environment, into a vaguely defined world of anxiety and dreaming. Thereby, skin became the theme and name of the exhibition. This motif is distinctly present for all three artists, however, each dealing with it in a specific way, and through their unique technique they differentiate this particular theme. Alexander Tinei dirties skin, contaminates it with stains and smudges, Martin Gerboc describes skin with ecstatic cries, political slogans or verses, with Josef Bolf, skin is often injured or scratched. This theme also offers an array of historical links, from Michelangelo’s self-portrait in the Sistine Chapel, to St. Bartholomew’s portraits to the taxidermy sculptures of Berlinde De Bruyckere or Géza Szöllősi. Skin is also associated with the theme of borders, boundaries, separation of the inner body from the outside space. The exhibition will be accompanied with a catalogue which, thanks to the limited space of the gallery will further offer a representative selection of works by each artist.

Otto M. Urban, September 2017