DSC Gallery

Pasta Oner | Art is Truth

28/09/2017 - 30/09/2017

The exhibition Art is Truth presented the latest works of an icon of the contemporary Czech art – Pasta Oner. The author processed the theme of commerce and contemporary society with emphasis also in the way he perceives them. The central motive was the intermingling of principles of the high and low, that which is euphoric and ordinary and also heavenly and earthly.

To be seen were, for Pasta typical, genres of pop art and cartoon aesthetics but also objects made directly for the space of the gallery and brand new oil paintings which uncovered the veil of an old art. The exhibition was linked by the theme of the society’s fascination with luxury, wealth, faith and sex.

The attention was drawn to a large light cube titled Mandala which he constructed from twenty-five different examples of Christian and Muslim practices. Another interesting element was the figural ensemble in which innovative layers interweaved actual members of mafia with fictional characters.

Art is Truth – as Past Oner says, the viewer can gain a great deal through art, even quite often unpleasant reality which the art can reflect and which we can not shut our eyes to. Likewise, you could not shut your eyes to this show!