DSC Gallery

Jiří Černický | Trump kontra Godzilla

16/03/2018 - 19/04/2018

The exhibition “Trump kontra Godzilla” is conceived as a presentation of several seemingly inconsistent series of paintings, paintings which are intertwined with various visible and invisible links. That is why the statement „the grasshopper jumps from plate to label“ is used in the subtitle of the exhibition. Its diversity is caused by Černický’s attempt to explore through painting the possibilites beyond the media.

All the paintings seem to be just pieces of a construction. For example, the paintings that evoke a sci-fi aesthetic have “appendices” on their sides that point to neighboring paintings. “Also, the visual appearance of the parts themselves may resemble a panel of a controller, a keyboard or a joystick that acts on its surroundings,” explains Černický his vision, where the material is worth seeing in real and thoroughly exploring. “Another strategy works on a panel theme that implies the possibility of endless reproduction. The surface of each panel is covered with seemingly chaotic, superimposed, blank, minimalist plaques that form a background or echo of movable assemblages. These kinetic plates are the concentrated noise of the whole panel with an echo in the background,” Černický describes another number of works on view at DSC Gallery and adds that the plates are “on another hand also image inflated, energetic cores, transmitting to their surroundings, some sort of pixel waves (vibrations), which likewise link from painting to painting.”

Artworks of Jiří Černický are full of expressive changes, gestures and humor. Jiří Černický is a key artist who is confidently active on the art scene from the beginning of the nineties. He is a laureate holder of the Soros Prize (1996) and Jindřich Chalupecký Prize (1998) and is currently professor of painting at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He works specifically in the medium of painting, multimedia installation, but also devotes himself to musical creation or action art with overlaps into photography and literature.