DSC Gallery

Andrej Dubravsky | Birds and Winds 2

02/02/2018 - 08/03/2018
One of the most outstanding Slovak contemporary artists of the present day, returns to the DSC Gallery after two years. Andrej Dúbravský will surprise with the show Birds and Winds 2, where erotic themes were replaced by poultry.

The number 2 in the name of the show is not accidental. It refers to Dúbravský’s  last year’s exposition in the respected Berlin gallery Dittrich & Schlechtriem, where the Slovak talent presented his new theme for the first time. “It’s actually her upgrade. I’m working with the theme for some time. But only now  I am where I wanted to be. he says about new paintings that will be exhibited in Prague.

“I wanted a radical show, not one with only landscapes and naked mans. I have prepared aggressive cocks that fight. And also very gentle self-portraits. The cock is a masculine, narcissistic force that can be perceived as negative. It has an ego that is applied everywhere- from the market to politics” Dúbravský explains. He began to flirt with the subject two years ago, when he first saw the fight in the Philippines. The idea only began to develop last year in Berlin. He even bought a cock for  his house in Slovakia, to study his motions and expressions, but eventually he was surprised by his tame behavior. That is why, in the pictures, besides the expression of the ego, the motif of his restrain is also apparent.