DSC Gallery

Adam Štech | Caput mortuum

17/09/2019 - 12/10/2019

The presence of Adam Štech’s paintings (born 1980) is long-term not overlooked on the Czech art scene. From the exhibition Resetting. Other ways to eternity (GHMP, Prague. 2007-08), his specific work inspired by the outflow of postmodern theses and the bending of modernist or otherwise historically burdened ad absurdum morphology has its firm place in contemporary Czech art. Some time ago, the artist said in an interview that “postmodernism is about the absence of great themes”, that “his idols are mainly modernists” and that “he knows nothing about spiritual inspiration”. He also stated at the time that his paintings were “increasingly metaphors of the situations in his own life, whether inside or outside his studio” and that these paintings actually form a single continuous “series”.


Although Adam Štech responds to postmodern stimuli, he works quite traditionally. He often chooses drawings and collages as a starting point for his paintings. On the basis of them, he transforms them and transforms figuration so that its inspiration is visible in the history of art (reproduction), let’s say a vanishing point to appropriation, and its renewal, which in turn speaks of live interventions and new shaping of the present, can be seen. The search for an expression has its own merit, which is Štech’s specific “internal model”. Seemingly different painting strategies and methods dating back to the archaic mosaic unify the integrative aspect of creation, in which conscious corrections and imprints of spontaneous memory manifest themselves. The collage-like character of painting corresponds to integration practices that unite conflicting and heterogeneous worlds on a single canvas.

Curator: Petr Vaňous