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Roman Týc

Roman Týc is best known for his controversial approach that attracts attention through actions in public space. He tries to find the boundaries between public spaces and explores the limits of the system, intervening with the opportunity to present his ideas, which very often get him into trouble by the law. Týc creates his work commenting on society and the world around him, he criticizes and provokes and evokes strong reactions and debate. He came into awareness primarily through the actions in the subversive group Ztohoven, which he co-founded.

The most famous happenings by Roman Týc is project Semaphores (2007), where he replaced fifty lenses of traffic lights for pedestrians of static figures with figures in actions – sitting, mother with child, crucified, urinating, with a bottle, etc. The project won first prize in the Vienna Sidewalk Cinema festival (interdisciplinary project standing on the border of interventions in urban context and communication in the public space, working with Vienna Kunsthalle and foreign art institutions). In contrast, in the Czech Republic Týc was sentenced to imprisonment of 1 month for the project Semaphores and is currently awaiting a decision on a penalty to prison.

The international dimension of Týc’s work speaks through an abundance of reviews on the most prestigious art events in the world press and media, for example within the last few years, Týc has had several major reviews in The New York Times. He was also included as part of international activist art in the prestigious German published Gestalten publication, Art & Agenda Political Art and Activism. In the book of world artists, who in their art comment on the world around them, voicing their opinions, criticizing and commenting on society or provoke, are only two artists from the Czech Republic – Roman Týc and Ondřej Brody.


Týc lectured at Tate Modern in London, and he is also the founder of the Cryptanarchy Institute and the Bitcoin Cafe Parallel Polis in Prague.