DSC Gallery

Milan Houser

It is difficult to classify Milan Houser’s work into well-known categories. Perhaps it is not essential whether the concepts are images or objects, whether it belongs to a group of formal devotees of geometric abstraction … It is important that through the color, by the space he opens another space and it allows us to perceive movement, intensity of light, proximity to the shadow, offers the experience of churning time.

Milan Houser graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1993-2000), in the studio of monumental works by Aleš Veselý. In his early works, he also painted photographed light reflections of various objects and their shadows. This was the color-abstracted abstract composition that recorded the relationships and effects of real-world subjects. He also dealt with installation in a gallery or exterior environment, for example installation of the Sphere, 2001, Space, 2003-2004.