DSC Gallery

Lubomír Typlt

Typlt’s painting is created in two different dimensions – critically oriented symbolized figuration and structural (mechanical) abstraction moving in the level of utopia. In the last works, the author synthesizes both poles on the common surface, thus creating an impressive visual encounter of two different expression worlds, which take place outside painting – in installations.

The author interconnects some of his earlier topics and creates new meaningful connections with their confrontations. Formally, it is possible to see an inclination towards expressive large-format figuration with a strong content message. It creates “allegorized” characters of individuals in their assigned role on the line of seriousness and ridicule (Henri, Pinocchio, Alchemist).

Lubomir Typlt graduated from the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf (M. Lüpertz, G. Merz, AR Penck) in addition to the Czech art schools (VŠUP, Prague, J. Salamoun, FaVU, Brno, J. Načeradský), where he became ” The Master’s Pupil “of A. R. Penck’s painter’s studio. After studies he lived and presented his art in Berlin. Among his latest exhibitions we include “The Taming Man” at the Municipal Library Prague or a group exhibition at the Rudolfinum Gallery called “Butterfly Effect?”.