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Jakub Janovský

Jakub Janovský graduated from the Atelier of Drawing of Jitka Svobodová at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2010, a year earlier he began to work in the studio Trafačka situated in Vysočany, Prague, where he worked until the end of 2014. However, already in Jihlava he began to create transient drawings in abandoned interiors and exteriors, a peculiar form of art entry into the public space, wall sketches, which often contain motifs that are subsequently displayed on paintings.

Drawing is for Janovský an universal tool for that is being held freely. It can be developed in various, unexpected or surprising ways, not just on standard paper sizes.

Janovský works with motives related to childhood, as well as with violence and special sexual fetishism. His work has the impression of unrepeatance, they are not beyond the apparent edge of the imaginable, but even more they are beyond the edge of emotional perception. He never worked in hectoliters of blood or pure pornography, the hint of it was stronger than the explicit information he had done. However, the vision of Janovský is laconic, austere, direct, sometimes unpleasant. Identity and personality are hiding behind masks or hoods, initiating the ritual can begin.

The artist touches the dark rituals of the human community across all ages and cultures. His probes are timeless, often just in form of signs, they function as generalized typological situations. This corresponds to their usually black and white, or a deliriously colorful intense form, which often does not go far beyond the quasi-agitation poster.