DSC Gallery

Jakub Špaňhel

Špaňhel’s work is by no means conservative in the sense that it would “go back to the roots” in some way or follow up on past cultural and artistic trends. He will not distort himself as another in a number of works of self-made artists and bohemians. Instead, there is a radical gesture towards the past in Špaňhel’s paintings by famous painters, writers or composers, which is no longer postponed to the pit of history, but it can be more visually transformed and narrated as a new history and tradition of the present.

The work of Jakub Špaňhel could be roughly divided into two markedly different areas linked by shared characteristics, such as a propensity for monochrome and formal reduction or primary emphasis on painting quality. The canvases are based on a depiction of a specific motif in its typical gestural style. The second group of paintings has a minimalist-serial character relying on a mechanical repetition of simple elements using a paint roller, e.g. “flowerpots”, crosses, pints or sailboats.